Client Case Studies

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time, and get you great results.  Here are some case studies to show those end results:

RS* was a staff associate just out of high school who did not have much family support or a clear, driving life trajectory.  But she had a definite sense of longing – perhaps latent ambition –for something better.  She seemed to benefit significantly from daily motivational emails sent to the immediate staff and was one of the rare few who responded with thoughtful follow-up comments.  So personal and professional development mentoring became a natural extension of her enthusiasm to learn, do and be more.

Armed with a new Vision of her possibilities, and with an increasing desire to spread her wings and fly, RS announced one Spring that she had decided to join the Air Force National Guard and take training as an AFNG Medic.  Several weeks after she left, she sent us this note from Wilford Hall, Lackland AFB in San Antonio:

“Things here are going well & I should be home in 5 weeks!  (Time flies!)  I’m in San Antonio for clinical training now & I love this part.  I’m an R.M.T. now & can challenge the LPN board when I get home.  I’m going to go full-time to LCC this Fall (Nursing) when I return.  Life has had many twists and turns for me, but now I’m enjoying the ride since developing the courage to Get TOIT!”  – Signed “Airman RS”

At last account, RS was a certified R.N. serving in the Neurosurgical ICU at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

AW* had dropped out of college, not sure of what he really wanted to do.  He was working in construction at first encounter and still “at loose ends”.  A brief assessment of interests and expertise started him down a path to develop a computerized project management system for the contracting company he worked for.  He was gainfully engaged in this project at last encounter.

JP* was living at home, doing entry level work in the University of Kentucky ER after getting his BS in Biology, and was a bit “unstrung” about what to do first next.  He had been on the tennis team but wasn’t particularly interested in pursuing either tennis or biology as a career.  A concentration on expanded Visioning and Vectoring led to CELTA-certification for English language instruction.  At last encounter, he was based at Bangkok Thonburi University teaching English to students studying engineering, education, business, kinesiology, and tourism.



*All names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients