Client Testimonials

“Thank you for the wonderful and intriguing presentation this evening.  I feel the topic has a lot to do with spirituality and value systems.  I would appreciate it if you could please e-mail me a copy of the presentation and also provide the link which you mentioned for more resources.”

– SIM, Graduate Research Assistant

“My boy friend of four years was having a difficult time ‘popping the question’ until I gave him a copy of the TOIT book and medallion for Christmas.  On New Year’s Eve, he finally proposed.  Three months later, we were married and I am now pregnant with twins!”

– Cindy, Staff Assistant

“Life has had many twists and turns for me, but now I’m enjoying the ride since developing the courage to Get TOIT!”

– Airman (Medic Division) Robin Stokley, former secretary, writing from Lackland Airforce Base enroute to becoming a Neurosurgery ICU Nurse.

“Thank you for your inspiration!  CKBC is TOIT!!!”

– Jack E. Hillard, Associate Director for the Central Kentucky Blood Center

“Choices affect every part of your life, good or bad; and every choice in life affects the rest of your life, every part!  So, in thinking about the content of your work, these go hand in hand … very powerful!”

– Darwin Allen, Associate Hospital Director, University of Kentucky Medical Center.

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