• Personal & Professional Coaching

    A unique approach to coaching assesses the consistency of past and current behavior patterns with realistic life goals and motivates participants toward Top Dog horizons with accountability.

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  • Personnel Development & Productivity

    Need help developing your staff into owner-driver star performers? We can work with your employees through a combination of one-on-one and group training sessions to develop a more “tuned-in” workforce with enhanced self-efficacy, productivity and overall satisfaction.

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  • Student Sustainability Training

    As children transform into adults, responsibility and self-reliance need to increase. Unfortunately, many struggle unnecessarily as they step into increasingly challenging and independent roles as college Freshmen, then college graduates, then, hopefully, productive career tracks in the real world. We provide essential skills for sustainability and advanced independence.

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  • Seminars & Workshops

    Customized seminars and workshops draw from a plethora of foundational resources which can be tailored to specific group profiles and needs, ranging from high school educational enrichment initiatives to workforce development ...

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  • The "Life Mastery Musings" Blog

    In our effort to continually decode the secrets of success or, more importantly, avoid failure, we provide insightful articles each month containing thought-provoking perspectives on building a successful and sustainable life.

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Personal & Professional Coaching ... for all stages of your life.

Ertia Unlimited provides a unique approach to Personal & Professional Coaching. There are no limitations, obstacles, past tragedies that cannot be overcome to reach your goals to live a happy, successful life. We provide motivation with accountability.

Ertia Unlimited has the experience, materials, and teaching skills to get yourself, your student, your staff or your organization on the move and to keep it moving toward success!

We provide the following services:

  • Personal Coaching toward individual Life Mastery
  • Staff Training & Team Buildingfor both early workforce inductees (including orientation), plateaued or struggling "Journeymen", and emerging STARS
  • Professional Coaching for entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and community leaders.
  • Sustainability Training for high school seniors, college students and recent college graduates.
  • Workshops & Seminars to reinforce and build on fundamentals, including Time Management, Organization, Purpose, and Goal Tending. Advanced topics include Balance, Stress Management and Total Intentional Living

Life Mastery Musings


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I have been haunted by this intractable, plaintive cry of employers: “We can’t retain employees – some leaving after only a day on the job!” Landscaper  After spending 3 hours a day on several very modest landscaping projects at our new, down-sized house, I think I finally GET IT!   I would not, personally, last more […]

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Boxing Ourselves In

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  At this very moment, I am watching my water sprinkler soaking parts of my driveway, sidewalk and the front street, along with my parched lawn.  However, I consider this wasteful practice a major STEP UP in my ability to navigate the vicissitudes of life! Here’s why: I have always fretted about WASTE.  I don’t […]

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Light Versus Dark

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There’s LIGHT and there’s DARK. In the beginning, there was only DARK.  DARK is the default and DARK is passive but it is MASSIVE. LIGHT requires an active source and has to be constantly generated to PUSH THROUGH DARK.  This requires tremendous amounts of energy input and expenditure. DARK only absorbs energy.  In the extreme […]

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Six Principles

I’ve been amazed and dumbfounded by the number of disparate sources that capsulize the essential elements for successful living in packets of SIX.  This all started with my personal attempt to capsulize the elements essential for success in the workplace.  It turned out to be SIX!   (NOTE: Stephen Covey makes a case for “Seven Habits […]

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Capacity Will and Insight

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I had just finished breakfast and my FIRST INCLINATION was to move to the screened-in porch to finish my coffee, the sports section of the newspaper and the comics.  A person who’s retired has the option to do that sort of thing! But I couldn’t help noticing the dry grass in the back yard.  Then […]

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