Student Coaching

Student Sustainability Training

39697615_mAs children transform into adults, responsibility and self-reliance need to increase.  Unfortunately, many struggle unnecessarily as they step into increasingly challenging and independent roles as college Freshmen, then college graduates, then, hopefully, productive career tracks in the real world.  We provide essential skills for sustainability and advanced independence.

The CHALLENGE:  Newly minted 21st Century U.S. citizens emerge into a world of multi-layered protections.  Unfortunately, most of these protections are only temporary and some are patently artificial – all of which can easily lead one to become trapped in faux Comfort Zone fallacies, figments and fantasies that ultimately do not work.

ERTIA UNLIMITED has taken on the unenviable mantle of providing a “Wake Up Call” for over-sheltered youth lost in the fog of overblown privilege, borrowed entitlements, inflated self-esteem, under-capitalized knowledge and skills, and under-appreciated responsibility. We are also concerned about the overly wrought losing traction due to paralytic fear of the unknown.

Clearing away the fog of unworkable assumptions, unrealistic expectations and unfounded fear is the beginning of reality-based advancement.  ERTIA UNLIMITED clearly articulates what is expected for a successful journey through life, work and career; addresses the question of WHY; and provides a variety of tools to help make it happen.

Hard Truths are laid bare, popular myths of the mainstream are dispelled, and Simple Truths are shared, such as:  “Do what you’re supposed to do, and life will turn out the way it’s supposed to be.” (Advice on an Old Farmhouse Calendar)

Prerequisites for Life Mastery Skills instruction include:

  • Identification of an overarching Life Mission or Purpose
  • Identification of potential life-work interest areas
  • Objective assessments of individual talents and skills

Taking a LONG VIEW of Goals, Dreams and Destiny (i.e., VISIONING), and then laying out strategies to achieve them (i.e., VECTORING) are the primary emphases of ERTIA UNLIMITED to help insure sustainable student advancement into the professional world.

Why do Today’s Students need Coaching?


  • Too many high school students are not “College-Ready”
  • Too many college students are not “Job-Ready”
  • Too many, altogether, are not LIFE-READY

… and BECAUSE Life’s Tough

  • The CHALLENGES are formidable,
  • The RESPONSIBILITIES are awesome,
  • The EXPECTATIONS are out-of-sight, and
  • TIME is always too short for what we want and need to do.

… and BECAUSE There are Dreams to be Realized.

  • Songs to be sung
  • Fires to be lit
  • Lights to be turned on
  • Ambitions to foster
  • Passions to be engaged
  • Advancements to be benchmarked
  • Goals to be achieved
  • Prizes to be won

… and BECAUSE you may not have the complete or correct “Program” on board or engaged for sustainable journeying.  

  • What worked in kindergarten won’t carry the water through high school, and what got you through high school or college will not get you a six-figure income with all the perks.
  • We need to dismiss:
    • Unrealistic expectations
    • Unfounded assumptions
    • Unwarranted entitlements

… and BECAUSE the challenges to be met are LEGION

  • Bridges to cross
  • Moments of Truth to anticipate/avoid
  • Changes to accommodate
  • Revisionings to “get it right”
  • Benchmarks to nail down
  • Limitations to be overcome
  • Habits to break
  • Myths to bust
  • Expectations to realign
  • Beckonings to resist
  • Accountability to be accorded
  • Reckonings to face
  • Compasses to calibrate
  • Soundings, Groundings and Moorings to anchor and reinforce
  • Bearings to adjust
  • Plans, Preparations, Logistics and Leveragings to get mustered

The human being is built to conserve energy, to “go with the flow” – turning off its higher level functionality at every opportunity and filling only its lowest level physiological, social and psychological needs – remaining otherwise undisturbed unless and/or until sufficiently threatened to activate the on-board, in-board “fight or flight” alarm & response system.  Moreover, the most “enterprising” of the species have become very clever at not only avoiding perturbation but, when pressed, making exceptionally plausible excuses for “inertial” behavior.

The challenge comes in meeting higher-level needs, preparing for more distant, and perhaps more ominous, “eventualities” and fulfilling higher-level wants, wishes and needs.  These cannot forever be forestalled or suppressed!  Inertial behavior will not only fail to meet this challenge, but is the most frequent CAUSE of aborted Dreams and one of the most intractable hurdles to be overcome.

POGO gives us the definitive assessment here:  “We have met the enemy, and he is US!”

This is about your Dreams, your fulfillment, your happiness, your Destiny, your sanity and your Satisfaction (with a “CAPITAL S”).