About Ertia Unlimited


37458342_mERTIA UNLIMITED is based on forty-plus years of experience in energizing productivity-driven personal and professional development.

The overall goal of EU is identifying, addressing, and overcoming barriers to the full realization of human potential.

EU has an abiding concern that high school students are not college-ready, college students are not job-ready, and sobering numbers of individuals at all levels are not life-ready.

The underlying philosophy of EU is that Life Mastery is essential to job mastery, to career mastery, and to successful navigation of both the world at large and LIFE at large.

EU is particularly driven to “out” myths of the marketplace and to summarily dismiss unfounded assumptions, unrealistic expectations, unwarranted entitlements, and the invocation/incantation of excuses, rationalizations and whining self-indulgence.

EU is also driven to strengthen backbone, principled resolve, self-discipline, positive vectoring/visioning, and a commitment to excellence.

EU withholds no principle, practicality, stark reality or admonition applicable to getting right things done right and on time or ahead of time.

Finally, EU is not in the business of purveying popular “motivational” and “success” precepts through inflated, panding, sugar-coated, feel-good, cheer-leading, self-esteem adulation. Whereas there are abundant “Chicken Soup for the Soul” offerings in the general self-help marketplace, EU has seen an increasingly urgent need for mentored “Bootcamp for the Soul” engagement.

Ertia Unlimited Process


  • Time Management
  • Organization
  • Purposefulness
  • Balance
  • Goal Tending


  • Core Values
  • Core Principles
  • Core Strengths

[Have you ever wondered why “willpower” doesn’t work?]


  • Inner Compass Alignment
  • External Compass Alignment
  • Peak Conditioning
  • Total Intentionality

THE ULTIMATE GOAL:  LIFE MASTERY (Personal & Professional)