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Customized seminars and workshops draw from a plethora of foundational resources which can be tailored to specific group profiles and needs, ranging from high school educational enrichment initiatives to workforce development projects to advanced personal and professional development programs.

ERTIA UNLIMITED is driven as much to challenge the naïve and/or misdirected underachiever as to guide the emerging STAR performer toward realizing their full potential.

  • Setting the stage and engaging the gears for PRIME TIME Performance
  • Awakening and channeling the core LIFE FORCE inside to achieve Greatness, Dreams and Destiny
  • The core precept of life is: “Everything you deserve is going to take everything you’ve got!”

The unaskable/unanswerable question on which far too many stake their inalienable right to “self determination” is:   “How far short of everything I’ve got can I get away with?”  We can do better than that!


For the business world: Developing a human resources Top Dog / A-Team of “Owner-Drivers”

For the individual: Providing a solid core context for success, a sound foundational infrastructure, and indelible touchstones for personal and professional development

For the Educational Enterprise: Reinforcing essential infrastructural/foundational themes for lifelong learning, targeting capacitization, attitudes, inclinations and beliefs … for high school students to become not only simply “College-Ready”, and for college students to become not only merely “Job-Ready”, but LIFE-READY

For the Emerging Young Professional and Workforce “Journeymen”:  Development of STAR-worthy independent self-direction and demonstrated OWNER-DRIVER performance with sustainable benchmark advancement on a leadership trajectory

For Society/Civilization In General: Providing a fully capacitized citizenry “armed to the teeth” with Life Mastery Skills


“The Art and Ardor of Getting Things Done”

“Total Intentional Living”

“Time Management”

“The Perfectly Unbalanced Life”

“Secrets of Unlikely Champions”

“YOU, Inc.: Becoming ALL That You Can BE”

“Life Mastery Skills”

“Pushing Beyond the Limits of Human Frailty”

“Failure is NOT an Option!”

NOTE: Customized seminars and workshops can be tailored to specific group profiles and group needs and are particularly valuable when included as enrichment elements or supplements to technical training programs.