Helpful Links

Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture”:  This is a gem of real life perspective from someone who achieved tremendous success in life and now finds himself dying of pancreatic cancer. [READ ARTICLE] 

Simon Sinek TED Talk: The Golden Circle …  [READ ARTICLE]

Larry Smith TED Talk:  Why You’re Going to Fail to Have A Great Career … [READ ARTICLE]

tgiMondays:  As editor of tgiMondays Peter Thompson provides a free weekly Motivation Monday Message to over 22,000 success-minded people worldwide. … [READ ARTICLE]

Steve Jobs TED Talk: Stanford Commencement Address … [READ ARTICLE]

Jim Rohn: One of the most influential speakers of the 20th century challenges us to accept total personal responsibility and accountability. [READ ARTICLE]

Elbert Hubbard:  “Message to Garcia”:  One of the most enigmatic thought-provocateurs of the early 20th century provides a benchmark message that rippled across the U.S. and into Europe … [READ ARTICLE]