Small Business Owners

35115148_sSmall business owners are a different breed, and need specialized services as they are pressured to wear many hats as they start, grow and market their businesses.  They have the passion and the determination to move forward but may often lack the focus, the confidence and time-management skills to make it all happen.  Issues of Life-Work Balance, organization, prioritization, tactical choices and strategic sacrifices are core elements of consideration that can help deal more effectively with time.

And there’s no doubt we need to talk about STRESS!!  Yes, there are things we can do about it!

31020733_sSimilar considerations, with additional emphases on Life Mastery Skills plus individual goals and career plans, are key topics to be shared with employees.  Visioning and Vectoring guidance on how they can best help advance both themselves and the company will pay major dividends.

The goal for small business employees is to develop a corps of self-directed “Owner-Drivers” who can grow and become effective partners in the enterprise.

ERTIA UNLIMITED believes the most successful enterprise has the most successful employees.