Supplemental Resources

Supplemental resources are treasured collections of insights, inspirations and admonitions designed to help orient one’s rightful place in the sun, to get right stuff done right, to get right stuff done NOW, and to get – and KEEP – everything moving in the most positive direction possible. Entries include tongue-in-cheek jabs at human fumbles and foibles. A topical sampling includes:

  • Employee Evaluation Comments
  • How Life got to be So Complicated
  • Life Mastery Skills Reading List
  • “On Being a Champion” by Mattie J.T. Stephanak
  • 7 Ups Guaranteed to Lift your Day
  • A-Team Profiling
  • Advice from Someone with No Particular Talent
  • Under Performance Awards
  • Now or Never
  • New Bill of Rights
  • Life Mastery Skills Syllabus
  • Life at the Cutting Edge
  • Horoscope Advice
  • Willfulness to Excellence
  • Champs from Newsweek
  • Expectations
  • Sacrifice
  • Credit
  • Life Course Diagram
  • Principles
  • Failures is Impossible

Available on CD or downloadable @ $15.00 per set of 25 + S&H if applicable. Entire set of approximately 300 @ $50.00.

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