The thing that will take us the farthest distance TOWARD our Dreams – and the thing that can potentially take us the farthest distance AWAY from our Dreams – is simply the CHOICES we make.   How we use every minute of the time we are given adds to one side of the ledger or the other.  

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have,

and only you can determine how it will be spent.” 

Carl Sandburg

At this dawning of the 21st Century, choices in how we spend our time are almost limitless.  The problem is this:

The more choices we have,

the more likely it is we will choose poorly –

choosing that which “pleases us”

over that which is “good for us”.


In fact, the number of things we choose NOT to do is probably THE MOST CRITICAL DETERMINANT of how far we will go. 

So how are you doing?  How much latitude do you allow yourself in choosing indulgence versus forbearance in any of the following:  Donuts/Pastries, Snickers Bars/Candy, “Comfort Food”, TV/Movies, Social Media, Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, Grease Burgers & Fries, Ice Cream, Soda, Gossiping, Indulging in Conspiracy Theories, Consumerism/Materialism/Shopping (How’s your credit rating holding up?) … 

What is your trademark indulgence – the one thing that “keeps you going” – the one thing you HAVE TO HAVE?   A double-latte coffee?   Coke?   A five mile run in the morning?  

It’s important to distinguish getting small, immediate satisfactions (instant gratification) versus LARGE SATISFACTIONS (DELAYED GRATIFICATION).  Compare:  

Having a soda, chips and dip while playing video games/watching movies


Conquering Antarctica by solo trek across the ice.

There is not only virtue, but salubriation in giving ourselves NO CHOICE in certain areas.

“There are certain things one should not do at certain times,

and certain things one should not do EVER!” 


INTENTIONALITY in choosing – choosing with some end-goal or PURPOSE in mind – is the default/de facto orientation for most successful navigation.  It’s both ennobling and enabling to be able to say:

I really meant to do that!”

If you need a “crutch”, try substitution/sublimation:  Eat carrots, celery, apples and oranges instead of crispy fried donuts.  Or EXERCISE!  Exercise is the best “crutch” available.    

Finally, keep in mind:

It’s OK to be a GEEK or a NERD!

It’s OK to CHOOSE TO DO stuff other people might deem completely unnecessary or “over the top” … like doing extra homework, or picking up somebody ELSE’s trash, or taking a shopping cart from the parking lot INTO the store, or speaking up and out against bullying, injustice, unfairness, etc., or letting someone else go first, or standing up against shaming, or helping a “slower” or disabled student …

Whether anybody else notices or not, YOU’LL know!  At least you can live with yourself and your integrity will remain intact.  And you’ll be able to sleep a lot better at night!  And, odds are, you’ll have even better choices tomorrow.  Choose well!  Quartermaster 

Quote of the Week

No one can go back and make a brand new start; but anyone, starting now, can make a brand new ending.”   (attributed to Karl Barth)

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