A critical attribute of successful venturing is the ability to survive disappointment and recover from disaster – a property called RESILIENCE.

But trying to extract a rejuvenating infusion from an empty reservoir is a tough proposition!

The question posed here is:

How does one build the CAPACITY for Resilience —

BEFORE it’s required?

How does one prospectively and proactively FILL the reservoir, aka, “Presilience”?

First, it helps to identify and NAME whatever it is that we dread … like not having a job – or the “Right” job … not having a significant other … being alone … having too little money / being too far in debt … feeling “lost in the shuffle” … having too much responsibility … having no “time to myself” … encountering hostility from significant or insignificant others … having no compelling goal or “Mission” in life – no definitive “direction” and no momentum …

But LIFE is ever moving on.  And the BEST thing we can do is keep “MAKING OUR WAY” … by picking up the mantle of filling in the blanks for whatever it is we’re missing.

EXPERIENCE helps.  There’s no substitute for “having been there before”.  Gain every bit of experience in as many different capacities as possible.

PERSPECTIVE helps.  LONG-RANGE and HIGHER ORDER VISIONING are critical; tomorrow will likely come; “Second Chances” can materialize; and some things are just simply MORE IMPORTANT than immediate setbacks and disappointments … not to mention more important than immediate gratification!

TRANSLATABLE SKILLS help.  Learning how to deal with diverse circumstances, situations, people and problems – and problem solving – provides a formidable armamentarium for navigation.

RESOURCEFULNESS helps.  Being able to analyze situations and creatively adopt, adapt and apply novel solutions is an “art” vastly under-represented in the population at large.

MOMENTUM helps.  Progressively moving in the direction of one’s Dreams and Destiny can make even seemingly formidable barriers a lot smaller.

“Momentum is the only thing that will overcome the standoff

between an irresistible force and an immoveable object.”


The brick walls are not there to keep us out;

the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show

how badly we want something.”

Randy Pausch

“The Last Lecture”

CREDITS already in the till and “Points” already on the “Scoreboard of Life” provide negotiable currency for both recovery and advancement.

CRAFTSMANSHIP helps.  An ability to use all the tools in the toolbox provides a more sure-footed grounding in uncertain times.

INSPIRATION helps.  “Mining the Universe” for insight, inspiration and enlightenment – and “bookmarking” such for bridging dark times – is highly recommended.

GENERATIVE and REGENERATIVE ACTIVITY helps.  Engaging in a hobby; “Forest Bathing”; taking a nap; taking a walk; taking a bike ride; participating in the arts (singing, dancing, drawing, painting, etc.); doing Tai Chi …

“EXERCISE … creates something called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.  It cleans out the brain.  It gets the blood flow into the brain.  So walking, doing HIIT (high intensity interval training), doing anything to keep yourself moving instead of sitting is beneficial to your brain.”  Maria Shriver, Parade Magazine, June 2022, p. 11.

“COMMUNITATION” helps.  Establishment of viable CONNECTIONS and COLLABORATIONS with significant others allows one to tap into extended arrays of “reservoirs” to get through tough times.

PRINCIPLES help.  While one can become isolated as a “prude” or a NERD by sticking with highest principles, “Rules of the Road” and ideals, one sleeps a lot better at night and builds a lot more enduring and fruitful alliances.  It’s also extremely helpful to be free of GUILT!

HABITS help.  Routines help.  “Systems” help.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION helps.  Doing mainly POSITIVE things for mainly POSITIVE REASONS will not be forever denied a proper reward!

Knowing and being WHO YOU ARE, and consistently doing WHAT YOU DO – the very BEST you can do – builds the highest level of AUTHENTICITY, and nobody can take that away from you.  [If you’re a purple Iris in a yellow Iris bed, simply be the best “Purple” you can be!]

Photo Note:  The photo heading this document is the “locked and loaded” bud of a Moon Flower, primed to unwind into a glorious five-point blossom within minutes of the photo being taken … capping three months of “Presilient” growth and development.

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